The Top 5 Human Capital Connection Blogs From 2016

As we rapidly approach January, this is often the time of year where you are busy preparing your business for 2017. It’s also a time to reflect on your talent acquisition and talent management accomplishments from the past year. It’s in these moments of reflection that we can set the bar for our future successes, establish our lessons learned, and identify various trends. We took a moment to reflect on the past year as well – looking back at the topics you found most insightful, the diversity in themes is interesting but all are critical to successfully recruiting quality talent in the new year. So, as you continue to prepare for what the next year may bring, we invite you to enjoy the top five Human Capital Connection articles from this year.

4 Corporate Social Responsibility Ideas to Ignite Employee Engagement


With the ever-increasing ease of accessing information online, many people won’t make a purchase or choose a restaurant without doing research first. This mentality holds true today when candidates are assessing employers. So it comes as no surprise that an organization’s commitment to being socially responsible plays an increasingly large part in their ability to attract top talent. 

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[Infographic] Employment Branding in 2016 – 6 Best Practices to Follow


Candidates are no longer looking for just a job — they're looking for a place where they can advance their career in a supportive, energizing environment. Your employment brand helps you reach candidates by telling your authentic story as an employer — what you stand for and what it's like to work for you. Here, we look at some of the main dimensions of employment branding, and the best practices to follow. For a more detailed dive into what employment branding does, and which companies are employment branding leaders, please reserve a copy of our upcoming employment branding report.


Employee Experience: Maintaining a Global Organizational Culture


Before we can begin to talk about employee engagement and organizational culture on a global scale, we have to understand what culture is. Jason Young of Culturetopia writes: “What is culture? The behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group: the youth culture; the rock n' roll culture. Culture is reflected in the way the people in that group act and behave, that behavior is influenced by traditions, assumptions, values and beliefs."  


The 5 Must-Know Sourcing Strategies For Tech Talent


Every tech recruiter knows the scenario. You’re looking for that Java developer or senior architect you just can’t seem to pinpoint. Hours have been spent scanning job boards and LinkedIn with no luck. But, while traditional sourcing strategies may be effective for certain positions, they’re becoming tapped out for technical talent.


3 Easy Steps to Developing a Strategic Recruitment Marketing Plan


The time for HR and marketing to work together is now. Recruitment marketing seamlessly blends recruiting, marketing and HR into one effective effort. Some of the responsibilities include content development, such as employment branding, refreshing job descriptions, “day in the life” campaigns, job fair promotional collateral, candidate outreach and recruitment eblast campaigns.


[BLOG] Check out the first blog in our end-of-the-year series exploring five  global employment trends impacting 2017's people agenda!

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[BLOG] 5 Global Employment Trends Impacting 2017's People Agenda.