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Career Advice | 4 minute read

[Q&A] Working as a Recruitment Consultant at WilsonHCG

August 7, 2018

Ever wondered what life as a Recruitment Consultant at WilsonHCG is like? We’ve been speaking to Edna Delgado who joined us in July 2017. Edna is based in Mississauga, Ontario and works virtually.  

Why did you join WilsonHCG?

I joined WilsonHCG because my former manager approached me to tell me about Untitled presentation (10)the company. She thought I would be a good fit and that gaining exposure to the RPO business would be a good next step for my career. I was familiar with the RPO concept as we used that business model for our call centre in my previous job but I never imagined the extent and influence WilsonHCG had in the RPO world until I joined.

What does your role entail? Describe a typical day?

I’m a Recruitment Consultant in the Delivery Team. I work with one of WilsonHCG’s biggest clients to staff its Northeast Region. A typical day includes: job intakes, sourcing, candidate outreach, interviewing, presenting candidates, scheduling interviews, strategy meetings with the hiring managers, and agile team calls.

How has your role developed since you joined the company?

Since I joined WilsonHCG I’ve had the opportunity to work with five different clients - two of which are Fortune 500 companies! I’ve also received training from two of our clients at their headquarters to recruit for multiple countries and languages, which was invaluable. In just one year, WilsonHCG has given me the exposure and experience that would have taken me years to gain in other companies.

What’s the best part of your job? 

There are lots of good things about my job but the best part is the fact that I own my success. I also appreciate the trust that our clients have, and the support that I get from my team and managers.

I am a real brand ambassador for my clients and I love to embrace their cultures. I am not just a WilsonHCG employee; I am a partner to my clients. I breath their values and their brand and I convey that to all the candidates I connect with.

Do you work remotely? If yes, what are the benefits?

Yes, I do work remotely and I‘ve never been more productive in my whole career!

It does require discipline and the appropriate tools (WilsonHCG provides the latest technology to make remote working as easy as possible) but the benefits are immense.

I have two young children and I’m able to drop them off and pick them up from school/daycare. I have a much better work/life balance. I also think that I have stronger relationships with my colleagues because I work remotely that when I was working in an office because we make time to connect on a daily basis.

WilsonHCG has staff based all over the world working remotely and from our offices, how do you collaborate with colleagues?

We have different committees that work together to serve different causes. We have Workplace (which is basically Facebook for businesses), Kudos recognition, global all-hands calls and lots of competitions that keep us engaged.

WilsonHCG does a great job hiring people with the same DNA so we are all very collaborative and ready to help.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of joining the WilsonHCG family?

Ideas are truly embraced at WilsonHCG and the leadership team does listen and will implement them (if they’re good enough that is!).

If you are a creative, innovative  person with plenty of ideas or concepts but haven’t had the chance to progress them because of a lack of support, WilsonHCG is the place to be!

Fancy joining the WilsonHCG family? Check out current job opportunities here!

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