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Total Talent Solutions

A better way to attract TALENT.™

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Introducing TALENT.™

In a traditional talent acquisition function, the management of hiring depends on the type of employment status, department or function. Our TALENT.™ solution centralizes the hiring for full-time, part-time, temporary or contingent workers allowing talent acquisition teams to look at their entire workforce in one place. 

Evolution of the talent landscape

Competition for talent is at an all-time high. We’re in an unprecedented age of demand outpacing supply. Career churn is increasing sourcing complexity in a talent market that continues to be tightly constrained.

The use of contingent labor has proven effective in alleviating some of the talent challenges that today’s organizations face. It is no longer optional to look at talent acquisition as a whole, it is essential.

Centralized function = competitive advantage

Organizations are increasingly looking for a competitive advantage and innovative workforce solutions, especially in business-critical roles such as sales, tech, and executive leadership.

A successfully aligned talent acquisition strategy enables all of the talent strategy components, especially the dedicated recruitment team executing it to perform better.

Blended resource models allow for knowledge to be flow freely between the permanent and non-permanent talent acquisition teams as well as ensuring the right decisions are made for wider business goals.

Case study

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TALENT.™ solution builds tech recruitment process from scratch

Our solutions team designed a new recruitment strategy and processes, maximizing hiring manager satisfaction, with scores of 90%.


Designed to outperform.

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