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Talent Acquisition Consulting

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Why use talent consulting?

As your company grows, your talent acquisition and technology strategies must evolve to stay ahead of the competition. Our transformation consultants can help you through periods of change and the associated challenges – from process analysis and optimization to HR technology selection and implementation.

As your talent acquisition and tech consultant partner, we work with you to define the outcomes you need and then develop an effective strategy to reach those goals. Our agile workforce planning process identifies and assesses the internal and external forces impacting your business including resource structure, performance management and information flow. 


Does my business need a HR technology assessment?

The use of artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive technologies, and robotics in talent acquisition is on the rise and it can be hard to know which solution will be best for your business as there are so many options. And some organizations already have the right technology in place but don't see the results they want due to poor implementation or adoption. An HR tech assessment will show you where the gaps are and, where the growth opportunities are.

We can help you decide which technology is best for your business both now and as you scale, while also preventing the downfalls that come with selecting the wrong tools. 


How does talent acquisition and workforce management consulting work?

Your talent needs will evolve as your organization grows and as an HR leader, you need to be prepared to support your organization through those changes. That’s where our strategic workforce planning solution comes in.

Our specialist teams partner with you to provide innovative solutions to your current and potential workforce needs – from market mapping and skills-forecasting to process optimization and global scalability. All our insights are backed by deep data to provide reliable workforce planning strategies that will propel your company forward.

Technology Consulting

Deciding which technology platforms to use can have real consequences for your business — good and bad! WilsonHCG will partner with you from your point of consideration through to the vendor implementation. We’ll guide you through each phase of the project, driven by your needs and strategic business objectives. We pride ourselves on having a vendor-agnostic approach, which means you’ll get an unbiased and thorough vendor discovery and selection.

We understand that technology is a big investment, and our goal is to help you select business technology platforms that not only save time and money but also give you a competitive advantage. WilsonHCG has a Technology Research Hub with an ever-growing database of over 1,000 recruitment technologies to provide our teams and clients with the latest information and insights to make informed decisions. The innovation team, which manages the database, is constantly expanding the number of tools we have tested, integrated and utilized. This gives WilsonHCG the capability to implement and optimize the most efficient and effective solutions to drive strategic business objectives for our clients.

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Employer Branding

WilsonHCG's solutions encompass strategies that create a well-rounded employment brand to attract external candidates and retain employees while improving the candidate experience and increasing hiring manager satisfaction. 

We develop multi-level recruitment branding strategies that highlight your company's most important personality traits, core values, and distinct qualities. This includes social media brand management strategies and execution.

We consult all our clients on how to enhance the perception of their employment brand. We continuously monitor both you and your competitors' brands for benchmarking purposes and will use the results to make improvements. We use this benchmark data along with our expert knowledge of employment branding to provide best practice at every step.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is not just about numbers. It’s about bringing professionals in with a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences to challenge the status quo and help your company explore new products and markets. It becomes increasingly important in today's globalized business environment, where companies must navigate differences between languages, cultures, and customs.

WilsonHCG’s committed diversity and inclusion recruiting experts can help your company tap into talent communities of diverse and qualified candidates. We have relationships with hundreds of diversity-focused organizations too, giving us access to varied talent pools.

We can help you develop diversity and inclusion initiatives that give you a strategic advantage. We’ll also help you create guidelines for diversity hiring that can be tracked and measured to ensure you’re complying with company specifications and government regulations.


University Recruitment

Today’s university students and graduates are tomorrow’s leaders. WilsonHCG’s university recruitment services help locate the most attractive candidates for internships and entry-level positions.

We build strong relationships with hundreds of colleges and universities so we can tap into the most promising young talent. You’ll find us actively involved in job fairs, student networking groups, honor societies, and alumni organizations.

Veteran Recruitment

Ex-military personnel are well-equipped with the skills that the best companies in the world are looking for, having adopted best practice in communications, organization, leadership, management, problem-solving and team-work throughout their time in the forces. They have a finely honed ability to hit deadlines, make crucial decisions and be resilient under pressure. We firmly believe the inclusion of former military personnel provides an integral advantage in today’s business environment, and it is one that shouldn’t be ignored.

WilsonHCG is committed to bridging the gap between your company and ex-military candidates. Our mission is to recruit veterans across every rank and service with the skills and knowledge necessary to enrich your workforce. We regularly participate in ex-military career events and maintain strong relationships with military support organizations to help drive service leaver hiring initiatives for our clients.

We can guide your company through the process of setting up and maintaining a sound service leavers recruitment initiative which will not only broaden and diversify your candidate talent pool but will ultimately allow your organization to benefit from hiring candidates who have received some of the best training in the world.


Strategic Workforce Planning

Your talent needs are always evolving. Be prepared for what’s coming down the line and solidify your business’s success for the future with our strategic workforce planning solution.

Our analytical workforce planning process identifies and evaluates the internal and external forces impacting your business, and designs a plan to ensure a bright future.

It's about much more than just forecasting your company’s capacity. We drill deep into projected knowledge requirements and potential talent resources to make sure you’re remaining adaptable to the business landscape and your industry’s market trends. We provide constructive solutions to your current and potential workforce inconsistencies. A reliable strategic workforce planning strategy will ensure a smooth path into the future. 

Process design

WilsonHCG has pioneered and refined an end-to-end approach to large scale external recruitment services that elevate the performance, effectiveness and quality of our client's talent acquisition programs.

We take this knowledge and methodology and apply it to recruitment programs of any size. Our approach to the recruitment process isn’t linear — it’s a cycle of continuous improvement. As our relationship matures, we work closely with you to revise assumptions, approach and processes so that we’re always helping you realize your goals.


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