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Analytics driving impactful change

Make better recruitment decisions with labor market intelligence and analytics — backed by 20 years of experience.

Why analytics?

Whether you’re an HR or talent acquisition leader, you’re tasked with complex, multifaceted challenges toward achieving your talent strategy. Here’s how analytics as a platform helps:
Make informed decisions Drive hiring decisions with data to get quicker, higher quality talent matches
Gain employee insights See current employee performance, engagement, and potential attrition
Boost productivity Leverage seamless technology integrations and AI to work smarter, not harder
Foster inclusivity Diversity data provides guidance to minimize unconscious bias and more
Robust reporting Comprehensive data ensures organizational alignment on workforce planning
Talent data from WilsonHCG's talent intelligence Discovery module

Find the exact talent you need — and retain them

In a sea of candidates, sourcing the talent you need to uplevel your organization is tricky with limited resources and time. Talent intelligence helps you filter the global talent pool quickly, find ideal candidates, and control employee attrition.
Labor market intelligence stats around job openings, gender and ethnicity, mean salary, and additional options listed graphically

Informed decisions at the speed of now

Waiting for outdated government data to futureproof your workforce is not strategic in today’s market. Let precision-driven labor market intelligence and analytics guide you with trusted, up-to-date data needed to act in the most strategic way right now.
Labor market trends charts to demonstrate WilsonHCG's analytics and talent intelligence capabilities

Deep-dive labor market trends

Trends come and go, but trusted data is forever. By keeping a pulse on the labor market, you’ll stay informed and empowered to drive a proactive talent strategy for all your needs. “What do we do?” won’t even need to be a question anymore — you’ll know.
Map of San Francisco talent as a shareable item from WilsonHCG's talent intelligence and labor market analytics platform

Visualize and unpack data at will

Access impactful, presentation-ready visual talent data at your fingertips that both ignite and inspire action with key stakeholders.
Chart from WilsonHCG's talent intelligence and labor market analytics platform on job posting changes by sector

Predict industry shifts and competitor moves

Go beyond a gut feeling and proactively implement solutions to market changes thanks to precision-driven labor market intelligence. That way, you can anticipate future hiring needs and allocate resources to exceed expectations.

Data and integrations

Download data and collaborate intelligently and seamlessly with our integrations, including AI-powered Reports, Job Seeking Sonar®, and more. Explore our flexible API capabilities:

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In terms of value-add, WilsonHCG's talent intelligence provides better visibility on talent, breaking it down and reducing the time spent when performing niche role searches. The promote/demote features on the search list and the breakdown of the search results by top locations, skills, gender and salary are really helpful too.
Sharmistha Choudhury
Senior Recruiter
WilsonHCG's talent intelligence allows me to tap into candidate pools from various sources, making it easy for me to map the talent market. The interface is great, especially when coupled with market intelligence and the Job Seeking Sonar® browser extension.
Payal Chakravarthy
Talent Attraction Specialist

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