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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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What is RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)?

In a traditional recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) model, providers either take on all of the responsibility of a client’s internal recruitment function, or supplement existing internal teams. Leading RPO providers also assume the company’s branding to ensure a consistent candidate experience. It's not RPO, it's RPO: Redefined®

How is WilsonHCG different from other RPO providers?

The aim of our consultative RPO program goes beyond supplying you with recruiters - it’s about understanding your culture and business so we can make a strategic impact. 

We have redefined RPO beyond the traditional model that focuses on cost and scale, to include comprehensive, value-added services that strategically benefit businesses. These services include employment branding, workforce planning, market research solutions and talent acquisition consulting and training. 

What does a partnership with WilsonHCG entail?

Our dedicated teams work as part of your internal talent acquisition function to help you secure the talent you need to drive business growth. Our proven methodology, based on global best practices, provides a high-touch, agile approach during every step of the recruitment process, from the beginning stages of sourcing through to the conclusion of onboarding. As your dedicated partner, we also provide strategic consultative insights throughout the process – from market data and analysis to technology consultation and process optimization.

Our focus is not on filling seats. Instead, we focus on building a strategic recruitment program that works to attract, recruit and retain high-quality employees.

WilsonHCG RPO Models 

Strategic Enterprise RPO
Our end-to-end enterprise RPO solutions will transform your talent acquisition activities into proactive and strategic efforts that add value to your business.

Our partnership begins with a conversation about your goals and expectations. It's about more than how many positions you want to fill and what kind of people should fill them. We aim to make you an employer of choice by improving candidate experience and boosting your employment brand. Our end-to-end services encompass all elements of RPO, including sourcing, recruiting, onboarding and reporting metrics.

We offer a flexible hybrid delivery model, meaning we can work on-site at your offices or in-market regionally. Your dedicated enterprise recruiting team will know your industry inside and out, and will work with you closely to find quality candidates that align to your company’s culture.
Project-based RPO

Rapid growth, either planned or unplanned, can be taxing on your internal human resources and talent acquisition functions. But  WilsonHCG's project-based recruitment solutions can make a huge difference, in a short space of time.  

We’re the ideal partner for your recruitment project, as we provide configurable solutions to meet your specific recruiting goals, even in hard-to-fill positions. We ramp up quickly and deliver quality to clients all over the world.

You can count on us to improve your recruitment results during times of rapid growth, new product launches, and one-off expansions.

Blended RPO Solution

With a blended talent solution, we only provide the services you need, working seamlessly in partnership with your existing in-house teams. We can do as much or as little as you want. Simply tell us what you’re trying to achieve, and we’ll design an effective solution that seamlessly blends our resources with yours.

Blended talent solutions allow you to retain institutional knowledge while giving you the assistance you need to augment your current capabilities. As a result, you’ll see real, measurable results while keeping the functions you want in-house.

Recruiter Augmentation
With RPO augmentation, we help you examine where your current in-house team excels and identify opportunities where supplementary support is required to meet business needs. We then provide WilsonHCG resources to seamlessly augment and support your existing team. Often, businesses have a solid strategy in place but need some additional support to reach their full potential.

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A strategic RPO partner will transform your talent acquisition function into a high-impact, business-aligned department delivering the talent you need today – all the while anticipating and nurturing the talent you'll need tomorrow.

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