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Company Culture | 3 minute read

Successful recruiters: It’s in their DNA

March 30, 2016

Ever wonder what drives successful recruiters? For us at WilsonHCG, the answer is clear. The elements that go into our core values and corporate culture — what we call our WilsonHCG DNA — are what set us apart from the crowd. Our DNA inspires us collectively as a team and drives our desire to deliver exceptional service to our clients. This is the foundation upon which every WilsonHCG recruiter builds his or her career. Below, find out straight from our recruiters how collaboration, ownership, integrity, communication and passion connects them with a deep appreciation for the purpose of their work and empowers them to achieve more while loving what they do.

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“I pose the following question: How do we create a positive work environment that successfully addresses the many challenges we face as recruiters, while producing outstanding performance? The answer is simpler than you may think: You have to create an environment where you are a leader. That is, an environment where you take initiative by directly dealing with difficult issues, accepting accountability for your results and giving 100 percent. By doing so, you add value to the reputation of yourself, your talent acquisition team and your employer brand. Ultimately this creates an organizational culture which champions ownership.”



“Communication will remain the glue that affords us the opportunity to help one another. What better feeling than to know that we are able to enrich our candidates’ lives through a new opportunity to provide for their families while showcasing their talent ... We are so fortunate to have this noble purpose, and facilitating effective communication leads to new horizons for ourselves, our business partners and our candidates.”



“Overall, collaboration is a skill we use to enhance communication with one another. Though the way in which we conduct these activities will vary, technology has allowed us to get into a mindset that collaboration is unlimited. It can happen and anywhere at any time.”



“Ethical behavior is the primary factor that leads to earning the trust of your coworkers, clients and even upper management. It is the driving force behind not just doing good work, but doing good, ethical, honest work where you are always conscientious of others and business outcomes. To me, having integrity in the workplace and being a consultant to our clients means three major focus points that make me a more well-rounded recruiter: having integrity with my client, my company and myself.”



When you spend a third of your entire life at work, can you really afford to not to do something that you love? ... Without the thread of passion running through everything you do in your career, it can be tough to find the internal motivation to fuel your day-to-day work activities. One way that you can find your passion is by understanding and appreciating the greater purpose of your individual role and of the company and industry as a whole.”


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