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Video: Craig Sweeney on global recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

Globalization is affecting many aspects of the business world, including talent acquisition. As companies grow globally, they’re looking at their recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partners to better understand and gain strategic insights.

Video transcript

CRAIG: I think the the big trend in RPO, as you say, has been to move global over the
last few years and I think as that trend continues, RPO will become a much
more embedded partner with those large global organizations that are working with.

As they start to do that, I think our peers as trusted advisors will start being asked much more detailed questions around the wider talent sphere and possibly the edges of the HR sphere.

So the more that we can embed the relationships that we have with our clients the more we understand their businesses, the better position we are to advise them either through our partners or through the work that we can deliver through our HR transformation team on
how we can support their businesses moving forward — not just in recruiting but in the wider area of town.