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[Q&A] Life as a Recruitment Operations Manager at WilsonHCG

July 16, 2018


Ever wondered what life as a Recruitment Operations Manager (ROM) at WilsonHCG is like? We’ve been speaking to Rebecca Khosrowfar who joined us in 2011. Rebecca works remotely and is based in Northern Ireland.

Why did you join WilsonHCG?

I had worked in an agency for two years and specialized in retail recruitment but wanted to learn more about recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) as it really appealed because it’s kind of in between in-house and agency. I also got a great feel for the company throughout the interview process and really liked the people I met.

What does your role entail? Describe a typical day? RK

Everyday is different - which I love! My role involves managing various recruitment teams across a portfolio of clients. My role is pretty wide-ranging and includes spending time with my team and helping them develop or focus on their goals, analyzing data and reporting and then using this information to make better commercial decisions, partnering with the clients to best understand their needs, P&L, reviewing processes to make them more efficient and I also create and deliver quarterly business reviews for clients.

How has your role developed since you joined the company?

I started off in more of a sourcing role when I first joined and I’ve been promoted numerous times over the years. From a Sourcer, to Onsite Recruiter to Senior Recruiter to Team Manager and now to ROM which means I am part of the EMEA leadership team.

What’s the best part of your job? How do you help clients?

I love the variety of my role. WilsonHCG has given me the opportunity to work closely with both start-ups and global fortune 500 companies on their recruitment strategies and processes which I wouldn’t have got from working in-house or in an agency. I feel like I am always learning and clients benefit from the experience I have as a result. In-house teams often don’t have the benefit of understanding how processes work in different companies so you can bring this knowledge to them to help improve their talent attraction strategy.

What are the advantages of  working remotely? How do you collaborate with other team members?

I had the benefit of working in London with WilsonHCG for around five years both on client sites and in our WilsonHCG London office before relocating back to Northern Ireland. Remote working works really well for me as I find that I am much more productive and there are less interruptions than in a busy office. The major benefit is that I don’t have to commute, and as a result, I have time to take my dog for a walk along the beach in the morning before work.

I did miss the face-to-face interaction at the start and it took me a couple of months to adjust but I have that many video calls that I don’t ever feel as though I am on my own! In fact,  I’m not sure I could go back to working in an office five days a week! Collaborating with people is very easy when working remotely in this day and age due to the many different tools available including video conferencing, IM and social media platforms. Video conferencing is a really useful tool for building relationships.  

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of joining WilsonHCG?

I am so glad I joined WilsonHCG as I’ve had great career progression opportunities and the chance to learn a lot as the company continues to grow! It really is a great place to work.  Everyone is really collaborative and helpful including the senior management team. If you work hard and are prepared to put the effort in, you will be rewarded.

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About Rebecca Khosrowfar

Rebecca Khosrowfar is a recruitment operations manager at WilsonHCG. She joined the company in 2011. Rebecca works remotely and is based in Northern Ireland.