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Workforce Planning | 4 minute read

Despite declines, Toronto talent leaders define and design the drivers to deliver top talent

February 28, 2023

At our first in-person roundtable of 2023, at LCBO’s HQ in Toronto, delegates discussed the challenges today’s talent acquisition (TA) leaders face and shared solutions for overcoming them.

Design your hiring decisions with dynamic labor market data

What we heard: TA leaders can’t afford to make critical hiring decisions with outdated labor market insights.

What we understood: Labor market intelligence is the new currency in the world of work because talent leaders are expected to get the best talent available, with emerging skillsets 
and often in new geographies.

What is required: In the new world of work, often with a “work from anywhere” mandate, TA leaders need verified, real-time actionable data that accelerates their ability to compete for top talent and can also meet their diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) requirements. 

Candidate preferences for hybrid and virtual disrupt EVP relevance

What we heard: The past few years have disrupted most (if not all) EVPs. Talent leaders need to capture job family brands within their EVPs, mention their employee resource groups (ERGs) 
and varieties of work (in-office, hybrid, or virtual). 

What we understood: Some organizations haven’t adapted very well to the new world of work, and it’s impacting how they attract and engage talent. Their EVPs just aren’t up to date. 

What is required: Do the research and understand all components required to make your EVP messaging more magnetic. Driving more traffic to your ERGs is essential too. Encourage employees to provide new content regularly to improve engagement and help applicants convert. 

DEIB isn't "nice;" it's business critical

What we heard: TA leaders need to work with business leaders to create environments that are psychologically and emotionally safe with broader sensitivity to DEIB initiatives.

What we understood: Culture, productivity, engagement and discretionary effort significantly improve when employees feel safe within considerate and inclusive workplaces. In turn, they show potential candidates that they can enjoy the same benefits. 

What is required: This is an endless conversation – and for good reason. Organizations must 
show how seriously they take DEIB to all audiences (employees, candidates and customers). This isn’t new but it’s urgent when starting a candidate conversation because of the requirement to portray an inclusive workplace authentically. 

Do algorithms beat instinct? Use both data and EQ in role assessments

What we heard: Robust requisition data can help talent teams drive a better quality of hire. Existing role assessments and previous interview data (when analyzed properly) keeps candidates engaged and can lead to acceptance with less chance of attrition.

What we understood: Everyone talks about the elusive quality of hire. Simple role assessments help recruitment teams identify better quality candidate slates and, ultimately, employees that will thrive in their new roles.

What is required: Recruiters are required to wear multiple hats, including that of career coach 
for top talent, easing them along the interview process. Knowing where the obstacles are and how to leverage data from role assessments gives recruiters greater ability to market opportunities in today’s highly competitive market.

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