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Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Recruiting

July 25, 2013

You've probably heard of mobile recruiting – after all, it has a Wikipedia page. But do you know exactly what it involves? Mobile recruiting is about taking advantage of the advances in technology that have allowed us to access information from virtually anywhere. When desktop and laptop computers became widely owned, recruiters took to them to advertise job openings. Now mobile devices are outselling laptops and desktops, yet we haven't seen a large number of companies flock to the mobile arena.

That's beginning to change, however, and how long it takes you to adjust your strategy to incorporate mobile devices will have a big impact on your recruiting.

Here are some of the dos and don'ts of mobile recruiting:

DO have a mobile optimized career site. What does this mean? It should be simple for job seekers to navigate using their mobile devices. This is a must-have for anyone serious about attracting mobile candidates.

DON'T treat your mobile site as a version of your desktop site on a smaller screen. Mobile is a different experience altogether. Approach it as such.

DO simplify your application process. This especially applies to mobile applications, but a general simplification of applications can go a long way too.

DON'T just list your jobs on mobile and force users to do the rest on their PC. Most won't. Make sure job seekers can perform every aspect of the search and application process using their mobile devices.

DO use social media – correctly. A social media presence will help job seekers learn your company's brand. You have to build an honest brand with useful information though, or else job seekers will tune you out.

DON'T expect all your work to be done by a mobile career site. You still need to interact with candidates. Mobile recruiting is about interacting with them where they are most – on their phones.

DO use mobile recruiting to reach young workers. Mobile devices and using them for tasks such as searching and applying for jobs is most popular among the youngest generation of workers. If your industry needs youth, mobile is the way to go.

DON'T look at mobile recruiting as a niche or fad product. It's not as if job seekers will need to buy a special product to search for jobs. Mobile recruiting is about establishing a presence on devices that nearly every person owns.

Heeding these main tenets will help you get started in the world of mobile recruiting and remain focused on your ultimate goal: hiring the best talent.

Written By: Andrew O'Brien
Andrew is the in-house blogger for iMomentous. 

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