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Job ideas for military spouses (that move with you)

September 6, 2019

One of the most well-known things about the military is that if you join, you will be moving, a lot. And with you comes your spouse and children.

Military spouses often find it difficult to find a long-term position because they have to move around a lot. In this post, we’re sharing a list of job ideas that move with you. So, when your military  spouse gets orders to move again, you won’t have to start a job hunt.

The first option you should consider is a virtual (or remote) position; most people with a virtual position get to work from home. Employers are increasingly opting for virtual workforces. In fact, WilsonHCG is one of them!

Popular remote job ideas

The benefits of pursuing a remote position include flexible hours, no commute and you can take the job with you when you have to relocate. Flexible working also helps to improve retention rates, and a report by the International Workplace Group revealed that 89% of those surveyed believe flexible working helps their business to grow.

Some of the most popular remote jobs include

  • customer service representatives
  • administration assistants
  • technology roles
  • recruitment consultants
  • accountants
  • account managers









The rise of the gig economy 

The talent landscape has changed in recent years and the use of contingent labor has soared as it helps to alleviate some of the skills shortages that organizations face. 

Many employers now offer short-term or temporary roles, regardless of industry. In fact, it’s so popular now that according to a study by UpWork, around 57.3 million Americans are freelancing. This is equivalent to 36% of the workforce and they contribute approximately $1.4 trillion to the economy (a rise of nearly 30% since last year). The rise of the gig economy and the ability (and increased desire) for flexible and remote working has really changed the way employees view their relationships with employers. Contingent positions can last anywhere from one day to a few years. You can work with staffing agencies to help you find temporary or contract roles that fit best with your skills and experience. 

The CareerOneStop website is also a useful site for military partners. It contains plenty of information about seeking employment, details about training programs and you can even search for jobs.

With the variety of things military spouses have to worry about, having your own job and keeping it shouldn’t be one of them! Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to find a rewarding position that will move with you and your military family. 

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