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Contingent talent solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of contingent workforce solutions that go beyond the traditional managed service provider (MSP) and staffing models. We offer a full suite of contingent talent services including contract staffing, permanent placement, temp-to-perm and our proprietary second-generation MSP solution, contingent resource outsourcing (WilsonCRO™).
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Contingent talent solutions for any situation

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In a traditional talent acquisition function, the management of hiring depends on the type of employment status, department or function. Our TALENT.™ solution centralizes hiring for full-time, part-time, temporary or contingent workers, allowing talent acquisition teams to look at their entire workforce in one place.
What is WilsonCRO™?
WilsonCRO™ applies the best of our award-winning RPO program to provide innovative contingent talent offerings that deliver high-touch, client-centric solutions. Augmented by the latest technology, WilsonCRO™ fits each clients’ unique contingent hiring needs and provides transparency and analytics to drive compliance, governance, continuous improvement and innovation. Our dedicated specialists act as your single point of contact. They get to know your business, critical projects and employment brand inside out so they can provide a seamless experience for candidates and hiring managers alike.
What are the benefits of WilsonCRO™?
With WilsonCRO™, you receive the benefits of immediate and direct sourcing, the development of a client-owned talent community, a loyalty program and access to the latest best-in-class technologies for your entire contingent workforce. Your dedicated team will improve candidate and hiring manager experience while increasing your employment brand recognition in the market — a critical component of a modern talent function. Along with award-winning configuration and customer service, WilsonCRO™ provides greater efficiencies and cost reductions throughout the lifecycle of your program compared with traditional MSP models. It also delivers transparency and data visualization across your entire workforce, a holistic insight that traditional MSPs are unable to perform. This is the critical layer to implement a cutting-edge total workforce strategy that will transform how your company engages, develops and plans for its entire workforce — taking into account all types of talent including both permanent and temporary.
How does a partnership with WilsonCRO™ work?
Our partnership begins with a conversation about your holistic workforce goals and expectations. It's about more than how many contingent positions you need to fill and what kind of people should fill them. It’s about transforming how you engage your entire workforce. Our aim is to make you an employer of choice by improving candidate experience and boosting your employment brand across all categories of workers. Your specialized and dedicated WilsonCRO™ recruitment team will then partner with you to efficiently deliver quality contingent talent aligned with your company’s project needs and culture. Our solution is configurable, transparent and scalable, enabling us to deliver support and services on-site at your offices or in-market regionally to best meet your challenging growth objectives while driving significant process and cost efficiencies.
How does WilsonCRO™ differ from traditional MSP?
WilsonCRO™ applies the best practices from our multi-award winning RPO program to deliver a high-touch, client-centric and customized contingent recruitment solution fit to clients’ unique needs. This program provides rapid, scalable support with a focus on process optimization, best-in-class technologies and continuous innovation. With a focus on candidate and hiring manager engagement, WilsonCRO™ improves your employment branding, saves you time and money while improving candidate and hiring manager satisfaction, all while delivering business-impacting results.

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