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Embrace flexible recruiting with an RPO partner

June 13, 2023

When it comes to hiring, change is constant. That’s why it’s critical for talent acquisition (TA) leaders to be flexible in their approach to hiring — in today’s market, it simply doesn’t account for the rapid changes that require both real-time pivots and a futureproof, dynamic hiring strategy. Because of these unpredictable market conditions, flexible recruiting is the new gold standard. (Think about it: Anticipating the state of recruiting even six months into the future is tricky at best.) As a result, we must expect change and embrace it. 

A recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner practices flexible recruiting solutions that allow real-time shifts for clients to accommodate and prepare for uncertainty.  

The benefits of embracing flexible recruiting 

While building a long-term TA strategy is a best practice, you should never rely on projections to be set in stone (this is especially true when forecasting based on past data, as we’ve seen this vary greatly). Certainly, forecast your company’s personnel needs on macro and micro elements based on attrition levels, anticipated growth and seasonality, but keep in mind these metrics will be fluid and ever changing. Having that agility keeps your team open to changes that are likely to come and helps you be proactive rather than reactive to them. 

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An RPO partner understands the value of an adaptable hiring model and executes this for clients.  

Flexible recruiting has many benefits, as it: 

  • Lessens the stress put on hiring managers and internal TA departments with a team whose priority is locating and attracting top talent according to a client’s needs. 
  • Protects the brand against a drop in employee engagement and poor candidate experiences since RPO partners advise and consult on employment branding best practices 
  • Factors industry-specific conditions using real-time labor market intelligence for informed decisions about talent location and experience 
  • Builds a long-term talent pipeline so there’s a steady supply of relevant candidates and talent 
  • Allows you to scale up or down depending on need at any time 

Here are three ways an RPO partner helps clients prepare for an ever-changing market: 

#1: Scale according to need 

Attracting, hiring and retaining talent is a balancing act and requires varying resources. An RPO partner’s flexible recruitment model along with its access to global talent enables you to expand or contract your TA function at any time. This has become so important in an ever-shifting market environment. (It’s especially powerful if you have upticks in seasonal hiring or are a business undergoing restructuring too.) 

RPOs have unique insight into managing key stakeholders’ expectations and leading clients through phases of change within organizations of all industries.  

#2: Build talent pipelines 

Flexible recruitment, in practice, means having the right talent in place to meet organizational goals. It requires a vigilant and dynamic strategy in place according to a client’s industry, roles and day-to-day market conditions. RPO partners work alongside internal teams to anticipate future hiring needs and build relevant talent pipelines. 

A robust talent pipeline means you can minimize the time it takes to source roles in the future. RPOs accomplish this by fostering a talent community and engaging meaningfully with candidates across channels. Effective employment branding is also key here to give candidates an accurate picture — from the mouths of current employees — of what it’s like to work there. 

Read more about the importance of candidate experience in our 2023 Employment Branding Report. 

#3: Robust analytics and reporting drive informed decision-making 

Making informed hiring decisions is impossible without robust analytics and data. An RPO partner has expertise in compiling the best data (including from which sources), so it provides all the insights you need around the state of your hiring and where to source desired talent. Flexible recruiting with the support of a labor market intelligence platform allows you a competitive edge to gain real-time information and pivot with market variability.  

Accurate reporting is an effective way to showcase how flexible recruitment drives profits, so you can continue gaining budget for your efforts. 

Flexible recruiting is necessary 

It’s important to prioritize flexible recruiting solutions so your internal teams can continue prioritizing strategic growth plans, even in the face of unpredictability. Learn more about how RPO can help drive success through a flexible hiring model with the resource below. 

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