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Integrated Workforce Management Whitepaper

Integrated workforce management whitepaper 

The rules for building an engaged workforce have changed considerably over the last few years. Contingent hiring – which includes contractors, temporary workers, and freelancers – is on the rise. To best support hiring managers, HR leaders require a holistic view of their workforce and spend so they can select the best type of worker for the projects at hand.

In most organizations, the hiring of traditional, full-time employees is the domain and responsibility
of the CHRO, while procurement has separate ownership for hiring contingent workers. This kind of separation is no longer optimal because it creates a decentralized and disconnected talent function that makes it hard for CHROs to resolve critical business needs.

HR leadership requires a total talent mindset so they have a holistic view of their entire workforce including
permanent and non-permanent staff. By looking at your workforce in this way, you as a CHRO will increase
cross-functional processes by improving the way your organization engages and deploys talent. CHROs that develop engaging relationships with their employees – both permanent and contingent – have a strategic and tactical advantage in the ongoing war for talent. 


In this whitepaper, you will learn the following:

  • How HR leaders benefit from engaging their total talent pool
  • How HR leadership can meet critical business needs
  • The benefits of a true demand management model and how to work towards this
  • Myths surrounding contingent labor
  • The role employment brand plays in attracting contingent workers
  • Strategic initiatives that improve organizational health

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