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Diversity & inclusion | 5 minute read

Inclusion@Work Recap: How to personalize an inclusive candidate experience

May 24, 2023

Last month, I had the opportunity to speak at the iCIMS Inclusion@Work webinar. We discussed how to personalize an inclusive candidate experience, attract diverse talent and integrate diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) into a recruitment marketing strategy. 

Here's what we learned through our discussion:  

Use DEIB content to attract diverse talent 

What we heard: According to 44% of webinar attendees, the biggest challenge organizations face when trying to attract diverse talent is getting content engagement on their job ads, career sites and social media accounts.

What we understood: Organizations should start incorporating DEIB value statements into their recruitment marketing efforts to attract diverse candidates. 

What is required: Share your DEIB initiatives with those who are interested in engaging with your brand through social media or an opt-in talent community. Spotlight your employee resource groups (ERGs), the events they host and the positive impact they have on your organization. Utilize written and video employee testimonials to build an emotional connection with top talent. 

Make your job ads more inclusive 

What we heard: 23% of webinar attendees were unsure how to make their job ads more inclusive. 

What we understood: When advertising open positions, organizations should use inclusive language and diverse imagery in their job ads, even if it means having to revisit and redo some job descriptions. 

What is required: Adjust the language of your job descriptions to be more inclusive. Remove unnecessary requirements that may discourage potential candidates from applying. Leverage tools that can help you eliminate bias in your job ads, such as Textio and Gender Decoder. Use imagery that's reflective of different genders, sexualities, races, ethnicities, religions, ages, and disabilities.  

Get your ERGs involved in interviewing

What we heard: Only 14% of webinar attendees actively involve their ERGs in the interview process. 

What we understood: Having employee resource groups involved in the candidate lifecycle is a great way to make the interview process more transparent while showcasing your organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  

What is required: Educate your employees, especially your recruiters and hiring managers, on your organization’s unique DEIB story. This will better equip them to source candidates from diverse backgrounds and talk about the importance of DEIB throughout the candidate lifecycle. You should also make sure your recruiters and interview panelists are reflective of the diverse talent pool you want to attract. 

Evolve your recruitment marketing tactics  

What we heard: When it comes to recruitment marketing, 87% of webinar attendees said they have internal buy-in, adequate resources and leadership support.

What we understood: Getting internal buy-in is a great first step but should not be the last. Your recruitment marketing tactics should evolve over time to accurately reflect your employee value proposition (EVP) and employment brand. 

What is required: Acknowledge your organization’s shortcomings in DEIB rather than trying to hide them. Make a commitment to fostering a more diverse, inclusive and equitable candidate experience. Start with your talent personas and ensure your recruitment marketing tactics account for their passions and interests. 

Watch the iCIMS Inclusion@Work webinar 

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