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Video: Celebrating International Mother Language Day 2202

Employees came together to celebrate #InternationalMotherLanguageDay — see what they had to say.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] International Mother Language Day

We spend about 30% of our waking hours speaking.

As a recruiter, it might be even more!

At WilsonHCG, that 30% happens in more than 50 languages and across six continents every day.

We celebrate people for who they are.

It's part of our DNA.

WilsonHCG is a family with love, we help and support each other all the time.

Curiosity drives our growth every day and helps us provide great services to our clients.

Collaborating with team members from all over the world means there's always a chance to learn something new. 

I work with some of the best people and through collaboration, we work together even better.

I've made real, lasting friendships through my work.

No matter how you communicate, the language of acceptance is universal.

Happy International Mother Language Day!