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Parents@WilsonHCG: How employers can better support parents

August 16, 2022

WilsonHCG’s employee belonging groups (EBGs) are employee-led resource groups that support collaboration, networking and allyship within the OneWilson community. This month, we interviewed Megan Eagan, the chair of WilsonHCG's Parents@WilsonHCG EBG, to learn about why this group was started and how employers can better support parents and caregivers in the workforce.  

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Q: What is Parents@WilsonHCG?

Parents@WilsonHCG is a welcoming group of individuals who support each other while facing the challenges associated with working while having children or carrying out other caregiving duties. It’s a collaborative community that welcomes everyone for a calm space to chat. 

Q: What inspired you to get involved in this EBG? 

As a mother of two, previously I found it very difficult to work while raising my children. Going into an office while having young children isn’t always feasible. I was immediately impressed with WilsonHCG’s welcoming approach to parenthood. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you often see in the workforce. I also genuinely appreciated the insight I received from others who had older children. Above all, I appreciated the ability to connect with people who understand the struggle of working while parenting little ones. For me, this group has been a community where I can be myself, acknowledge positives and get advice on where I can improve. 

Q: What topics does the Parents@WilsonHCG group discuss during monthly meetings?

We typically use the time for group discussions. We’ll start off with a topic and let the conversation go where it may. This often leads us well away from where we started, which is something I personally love. We’ve talked about everything from social media and social development to parenting tips and so much more. 

Q: How do you encourage group members to participate in discussions? 

We don’t put a lot of pressure on people to join our group and often see people rotate in and out of meetings. We’re absolutely OK with that. We know that life is hectic and simply want to be a safe space to chat. 

Q: What kind of challenges do working parents face? 

Working parents face a lot of challenges that are often overlooked. When working from home, it can be difficult to separate work and home life. At times, they bleed together. For example, over the last few years, having children at home who can't go to school because they are unwell has become normal. Without a close support network, this can be something that's really difficult to juggle. 

Q: How can employers better support their parent employees? 

Normalize children making an impromptu appearance in meetings, be kind during these moments and understand that everyone has a life outside of work. Be gracious and understanding when parents or caregivers need to take time off to be with their family, especially when they’re sick. Be considerate of your employees' home life and the obligations they have to the little ones they’re raising. 

Q: What makes working at WilsonHCG great for parents? 

I could go on and on about WilsonHCG and how much of an impact working here has made on my life. As a working parent, I’m not mortified when one of my kiddos makes a cameo or when I’m pulled away for a moment. I don’t worry that I’ll face disciplinary action if I have to take one of my kids to see the doctor. The leaders here are so patient and understanding. WilsonHCG has such a supportive culture! It’s beautiful to see team members from across the world celebrate and support each other. I’ve never seen anything like it before and am so proud to work here.

Our Parents@WilsonHCG employee belonging group is open to anyone in the business who fulfills the duties of parenthood in any way shape or form. Whether you are a mom, stepmom, dad, stepdad, grandparent, co-parent, foster parent, caregiver, soon-to-be parent, aunt, uncle or ally, our Parents@WilsonHCG employee belonging group is an open, safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment you can trust.  

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