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[Infographic] Why Employers in the UK Need to Recruit, Retain and Retrain Older Workers

June 12, 2018

The UK is in the midst of a labour shortage that is set to intensify over the coming decade. In fact, 13.5 million job vacancies will need filling – yet only 7 million young professionals will leave school and college during the next 10 years.

Employers need to act now to overcome the skills shortfall.

The most challenging roles to fill include:

  • IT roles
  • Service roles
  • Managerial roles





Some 47 percent of employers say they are struggling to attract talent with the right IT skills, while 71 percent of service sector firms have struggled to hire the right staff and 20 percent of employers are struggling to hire both senior managers (21 percent) and mid-level manager (19 percent).

To address labour shortages, employers can increase the number of over 50s they hire.

To attract workers in this age range, employers can try the following activities:
  • Be flexible: Introducing more flexible working arrangements, perhaps part-time hours.
  • Get creative: Employers could offer phased retirement programmes. This has many benefits and esures there is enough time to handover any tasks. 
  • Get involved: Establish a diversity network so employees can come together to share ideas.
  • Provide opportunity: Ensure all employees have access to comprehensive learning and development programmes.

The following infographic reveals why UK employers can’t afford to overlook workers in their 50s and above, as well as the unique, strategic benefits of tapping into the Baby Boomer generation.


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