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Workforce Planning | 3 minute read

3 Reasons Why It's Time To Refresh Your Global Recruitment Strategies

August 19, 2016

Talent acquisition has shifted, and the recruitment strategies that may have worked in the past to attract top talent, now need to be refreshed. More and more organizations are experiencing global expansions. As a result, they often require a growth strategy that includes a plan for how to attract and recruit highly skilled talent from across the globe to help support a rapidly growing business. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers are often a key resource for global organizations to avoid using multiple firms and segmented approaches for their talent acquisition – or even talent management strategies.

Having a streamlined multi-country RPO partnership delivered by a united global team is key. Not convinced? The three points below will help outline why it’s time to refresh your global recruitment strategy.

Single point of governance:

Having one RPO partner that employs global recruiters and delivers in-market services for the regions in scope will most effectively serve your needs. With international capabilities, you'll see increased scalability, local expertise and language requirements more easily met. This approach provides clients with a streamlined multi-country RPO partnership delivered by a united global team, which has a competitive advantage that cannot be achieved through multiple, segmented recruitment partnerships. Without a single global recruitment solutions provider, one can expect increased costs, confusing employment brand messages and risk of stunted growth.

Employer branding:

In today’s competitive talent market, your brand is everything. Candidates want to work for an organization that holds the same core values as they do personally. In order to attract and retain talent, you must have a consistent overarching employment brand across all regions with localizations to appeal to each market. By having this uniform yet tailored brand, talent across the globe will know what to expect from your organization from its global reputation but will also be impressed with the local flair.

Workforce planning:

It's more than an HR buzzword! While many companies realize that the baby boomers in their business-critical roles will be retiring in the next five to 10 years, they still don’t have a plan of action in place to prepare. The approach to workforce planning must be strategic and all-encompassing. What you may need to prepare for in your US operations will be different than operations within EMEA or APAC regions. Do you have a strategy in place that can handle succession management and scenario planning customized to each region? If not, this is where a pure-play global RPO provider comes in.

Above all else, when seeking out the best recruitment partner for your business, you'll want to ensure a company culture fit in the partnership. Finding a provider that mirrors your core values is key. Taking into account the benefits of a streamlined talent acquisition function from a single global provider and conducting your due diligence will assure you find the right fit talent partner.

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