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Video: What it's like being a tech recruiter with WilsonHCG's Karuna Dhanda

Tune in below to hear what it's like to be a tech recruiter at WilsonHCG.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] What it's like being a tech recruiter with WilsonHCG's Karuna Dhanda

KARUNA: So far during my three years, and I would say it's even more than three years of experience, I have supported multiple Fortune 500 for their technical requirements, ranging from mid-, to senior, to expert-level positions. And at the same time, I have grown myself into this role and have been promoted to a Senior Technical Recruitment Consultant.

If you had to choose one word to describe my experience with WilsonHCG, it would be "awesome." This journey is full of good experiences, and I'm often provided with opportunities to grow and to reach my full potential. I feel like I belong here and it has the right environment for me to grow professionally.

One of my most proud accomplishments is with one of our customers in North America. In six months time, the customer was so impressed with our work that they agreed to onboard more people from WilsonHCG. We now have a team working with this customer. I'm happy that in such a short span of time, we were able to help them with some of their most challenging resourcing needs, and also grow our business.