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Video: Kim Pope on recruitment process outsourcing as a trusted advisor

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers are now seen as true strategic partners. Leading providers are going beyond sourcing and recruiting by bringing deep insights and strategies into the talent landscape.

Video transcript

KIM: I think that RPO is starting to be seen over the past couple years as more of a trusted advisor or consulting partner than just a recruiting arm that, you know, is transactionally filling requisitions. 
So I think that trend is also growing globally and where the interest is coming in RPOs globally to be one provider so we use the term "one Wilson" and our goal as we grow is to make sure that you have one experience and you feel like you're only, you know, really working with the WilsonHCG culture in any region that were supporting. 
While we do have the local support and the regional nuances you still feel like it's just one culture, and I think that companies are starting to lean on their RPOs for that centralized experience than before is a lot more decentralized which in turn causes a lot of challenges for companies to grow quickly.
And so having that you know one support system I think really helps streamline the process and then it's helping RPOs continue to grow and and support their clients in the best way that they can.