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[Infographic] Employment Branding In 2016 – 6 Best Practices To Follow

Apr 21, 2016
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Candidates are no longer looking for just a job — they're looking for a place where they can advance their career in a supportive, energizing environment. Your employment brand helps you reach those candidates by telling your authentic story as an employer — what you stand for and what it's like to work for you. Here, we look at some of the main dimensions of employment branding, and the best practices to follow. For a more detailed dive into what employment branding does, and which companies are employment branding leaders, download our most recent report.  


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<br> Infographic is authored by <a href="" target="_blank">WilsonHCG</a>, a&nbsp;global recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), talent consulting and executive search company. To view the original post as well as to see which of the Fortune 500 companies are leading the way with&nbsp;employment branding, please visit:&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Employment Branding In 2016 – 6 Best Practices To Follow.</a>




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