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Surge in SaaS


The need for tech talent has never been higher. The technologies we rely on to keep our businesses running need the right talent to power them forward. Learn how to get in front of top tech talent and secure them for your company's future.   

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and cloud collaboration tools have experienced
a huge rise in usage as people all over the world adapt to remote working.

Because of social distancing measures, which have been implemented globally to limit the spread of COVID-19, working from home has become the new normal.

This shift has happened almost overnight and the rise in remote working means there has been an increased demand for technology skills, particularly from organizations in the SaaS space.

Many businesses in this sector are working around the clock to ensure their applications can handle the spikes in usage. As demand for SaaS increases, so does the demand for skilled SaaS professionals.

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Unprecedented Surge

There's an unprecedented demand for highly skilled talent to help SaaS companies keep up with the current demand.


Market Insights 

With SaaS spend on the rise, it's important to note the sectors most impacted by this surge in demand so you can take action to ensure your business has the talent it needs to succeed and isn't left behind.



Companies have long faced a substantial shortage of candidates with technology skills. Learn what you can do right now to meet the surge in demand for tech skills in your company.

"We predict the demand for SaaS professionals will continue to increase over the coming
months as many companies
continue to fast-track their digital transformation initiatives following the COVID-19 pandemic."

Craig Sweeney, SVP Global Strategic Talent Solutions



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