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Improving patient care with talent acquisition transformation

Find out how one healthcare provider improved patient care with the transformation of its talent acquisition function, saving $8.5m in the process.

Business challenges

An effective talent acquisition function isn’t just business critical in healthcare; lives also depend on it. When a healthcare provider reached out to us for help to transform its de-centralized talent acquisition function, we knew we had to act fast. The healthcare provider had six facilities within an eight-mile radius and recruiters were all competing for the same talent. However, its in-house talent acquisition team didn’t have the bandwidth to devise and execute a talent strategy that would enable it to hire the nursing talent it needed to support beds in such a constrained talent market. To ensure the highest levels of patient care and revenue stream, the healthcare provider was spending millions of dollars on agency fees because it desperately needed nurses to support and care for its patients.


We provided a dedicated team of recruiting specialists from Wilson Healthcare™ to transform the recruitment model. All had experience in healthcare recruitment and understood how critical the project was. The team devised a strategy to streamline processes and centralize the sourcing and recruitment functions. It took a phased approach. In phase one, the team, which was supported by WilsonHCG’s innovation, consulting and customer success division, implemented Workday and Phenom to support the new talent structure. The talent consultants guided the training for the new technology platforms and acted as senior sponsors to ensure success. The team also provided recommendations to optimize the healthcare provider’s talent tech stack to further drive efficiencies. In phase two, the partnership expanded to include an end-to-end RPO solution in revenue cycle functions and nursing. The team put processes in place to gather and analyze talent intelligence to access the best healthcare talent at speed. And created a talent community to engage and nurture talent for immediate and future hiring needs. In phase three, the healthcare RPO team and talent consultants completed the alignment of recruiters based on specialty.


The team’s laser focus on transforming talent acquisition into a centralized function with improved processes and technology has been hugely beneficial to the healthcare provider. The talent acquisition partnership has been driving strategic, business-impacting results ever since. More than 70% of the open nursing roles over the past nine months have been filled by permanent hires. This continuity has greatly improved patient care and has increased job satisfaction and happiness levels among the nursing teams, while also saving $8.5 million. The partnership is ongoing and has since expanded into additional consulting workstreams and contingent talent solutions.

In the first nine months of the partnership, the candidate outreach numbers tripled and the number of offers extended quadrupled.
reduction in time-to-hire
Increase in offers accepted
Time-to-offer WilsonHCG owned requisitions
Working with the WilsonHCG sourcing team has benefited my time to focus on strategic conversations with my leaders. The sourcing team has benefited our workflow; from intake sessions through to onboarding. I've engaged with these folks on the front and back end of our workflows to deliver a best-in-class solution for our hiring leaders and candidate pools.
Talent Acquisition Leader
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