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Video: Scalability

Craig Sweeney, SVP of global strategic talent solutions at WilsonHCG, talks about scalability and why remaining agile is essential in today's talent market.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] Scalability
CRAIG: The way we build our teams, it's got the scalability in it. To be able to scale around what they might need six months from now and what they might need a year from then. And sometimes it means that team grows and sometimes that means it grows in new locations or new countries.
Sometimes it means it just scales because they've got new projects that landed in the places where we're already working with them. But that flexibility around the team structure I think now is one of the most critical things and one of the reasons we've been as successful as we have. You know, we flex and grow around the needs of the client rather than what necessarily is kind of good for us.