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Video: What's a total talent solution?

John Wilson, Kim Pope, and Craig Sweeney explain what Total Talent Solutions really means outside of traditional recruitment process outsourcing.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] What is a total talent solution?
JOHN: I think the the switch or the movement for organizations to focus on their entire talent ecosystem has evolved over the last last few years.
CRAIG: So organizations are looking to the future and what that might mean for how their workforce is structured and they're thinking about non-permanent staff, but in the same terms that they're thinking about their permanent staff. So things like how they think about diversity and inclusion, how they're thinking about engagement, how they're thinking about the experience of those individuals. Starting to play some of those things now out into the non-permanent workforce economy in the way that they have done in the permanent workforce for a while.
KIM: To bring it all together, organizations are now leaning on you know service providers to be able to help them in multiple areas within recruitment and talent acquisition. So the solution set has to evolve to really be able to be that holistic partner, which is where you know total talent is really coming from.