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Memorial Day: Remembering those we lost

May 30, 2022

Many people think of Memorial Day in the United States as a three-day weekend filled with barbecues, camping, beach time and fun with family and friends. Although these tend to be the activities we fill our Memorial Day weekend with, the day represents so much more – something we all should pause and remember.

Not to be confused with Veterans Day, a day in which we celebrate all people who have served in the armed forces, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for the men and women who lost their lives serving in the US Armed Forces.

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War in order to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died fighting in the Civil War.Twitter-Icon copy It was officially proclaimed on May 5, 1868, and celebrated on May 30 with a simple act of placing roses on the graves of the fallen Union and Confederate soldiers. After World War I, the day was to honor those who died in any war, not just the Civil War.

We can continue to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice by cherishing the lives that we have and living every day to the fullest. While we enjoy our family and friends on this long weekend, let’s all make a conscious effort to pause and remember our fallen soldiers. We must celebrate their lives on this Memorial Day. Please join us in honoring those we lost by sharing your thoughts and memories using #honorthefallen.Twitter-Icon copy

About Wilder Rua

Wilder is a recruitment consultant at WilsonHCG. He served in the United States Air Force for twenty years as a Security Forces Patrolman, Combat Arms Supervisor/Instructor Certifier, and Operations Manager. As a personnel leader with experience organizing and balancing administrative work, Wilder has expertise training and mentoring employees and peers to meet their career goals, as well as supervising and managing individuals and teams.