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Recruitment Marketing | 4 minute read

Business2Person (B2P) mindset will engage top talent in this digital world

April 28, 2021

Recruitment marketing requires reiterating the employee value proposition (EVP), but the approach that every candidate – literally, every candidate, not segments of candidates – are different creates a need for an individualized approach to selling the position. Talent leaders who attended our last roundtable actively discussed the collision of recruitment and marketing and how the narrative is even more important today as companies are expected to show corporate responsibility and compassion.

Browsing and buying.

What we heard: Candidates have strong opinions about the types of employers they want to work for.

What we understood: Finding a new job is a transactional process for today’s job seekers – they browse then “buy” a job quickly and efficiently, with a lot of the heavy lifting done online.

What is required: Cut to the chase. Candidates want to decipher an EVP quickly and see company values authentically woven into employee stories on the company career site and other recruitment marketing material.

Friend or foe.

What we heard: It’s a misnomer that just because corporate websites can promote products or services, they serendipitously sell jobs.

What we understood: Marketing and recruitment teams need to work together on coordinated communication plans. Applicant volumes have decreased as the frenzy to find a job lost at the start of COVID-19 fizzles with reopenings and/or continued unemployment benefits. So, there is a significant need to amplify the EVP.

What is required: The adage “never get in the way of a good story” is as true today as it’s ever been. Today’s recruiters need help from marketing teams to tell compelling narratives about the organizations they’re hiring for.

Go “micro” or go home.

What we heard: Micro strategies and job branding are essential to expedite a candidate’s interest in open positions.

What we understood: It seems to be easier to orchestrate one voice with a centralized talent acquisition function and budget. But, with the market and business dictating companywide marketing investments and objectives, some delegates alluded to friction between the corporate and employment brand.

What is required: Job brand is another “old thing” that’s “new again.” So, understanding the nuances of what it’s like to work in finance vs. sales or engineering vs. operations is pivotal to capturing candidates’ interest and driving engagement.

Past ping-pong and remote working options.

What we heard: There’s a surge in tech hiring but tech talent is still in short supply.

What we understood: Attracting and engaging candidates is even more challenging as applicant pools are drying up and sourcing and recruiting capacity diminished with previously reduced hiring.

What is required: Tech talent expects virtual working, so it’s not a “cool” factor. Companies need to work harder to differentiate with reduced physical workplace features like on-site catering, sleep pods and game rooms. The new normal calls for vibrant virtual engagement and work practices.

Raw videos are the new EVP currency.

What we heard: Curated corporate videos are now a thing of the past. Candidates want to see raw, unadjusted, authentic video cuts showcasing purpose and values through the eyes of employees.

What we understood: As awkward as it might be for the C-suite, blooper reels and outtakes seem to get more traction, like videos made famous on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

What is required: Tech talent expect virtual working, so it’s not a “cool” factor. Companies need to work harder to differentiate with reduced physical workplace features like on-site catering, sleep pods and game rooms. The new normal calls for vibrant virtual engagement and work practices.

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