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Video: Diversity and inclusion

Craig Sweeney, SVP of global strategic talent solutions at WilsonHCG, talks about diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] Diversity and inclusion
CRAIG: The pivotal moment for me around diversity and inclusion because for the first time, it stopped being an HR issue and became a business issue. And the reason it became a businesses issue is because it became in the consciousness of the broad population. And all of a sudden hiring managers weren't being directed by TA or HR to think about diversity and inclusion, they were going, "What are we doing as a business around diversity and inclusion? How are we thinking about it?" And, you know, we're seeing more and more of those conversations coming through to us where it's not just about TA to land really well. It's about how can we be real ambassadors around diversity and inclusion as an organization?