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2022 HRO Today Annual Top Concerns of CHROs©

It’s been a challenging 12 months for CHROs. They've had to contend with record levels of inflation (which have driven wage costs up), critical skills shortages, supply chain disruptions and the Russia-Ukraine war. The way we work has completely changed too.

So, how have CHROs tackled these challenges? And what are they most concerned about when it comes to planning for future talent needs in an ever-evolving world of work? Find out in the 2022 HRO Today Annual Top Concerns of CHROs© report.
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The complete 2023 zip file for talent acquisition leaders

Jumpstart your 2023 talent strategy by leveraging our latest resource bundle, created specifically to help CHROs and talent leaders easily navigate the new year and see real results. Regardless of your stage as a talent leader (just starting out or a seasoned professional), our latest resource has something for you.
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