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Video: 20 Questions with WilsonHCG CEO John Wilson

Want to learn more about WilsonHCG's CEO? Tune in for 20 questions with John Wilson to learn about upcoming HR trends, company culture and fun facts!

Video transcript

JOHN: I'm John Wilson, and this is 20 questions with me.
[TITLE CARD] 20 Questions with John Wilson | CEO
1: Why did you found WilsonHCG?
There's a gap in the market where companies were talking about what they did versus what they could do for another organization.
2: What's one thing you've learned after 15+ years in business?
After 15 years I think I've learned that relationships last a lifetime — not just when you're either working with someone or working for someone, but they transcend.
3: What advice do you have for those looking to advance their career?
Work hard through adversity. I think that's a major gap. People sometimes will run from adversity versus getting the experience of persevering through it.
4: Mixing it up... what's your ideal dinner?
I just know brussels sprouts will be involved, but only if I cook them.
5: What's your go-to Starbucks order?
Grande americano.
6: What can companies do to improve their employment brand?
Just being authentic. Be who you are. Because somebody is going to come in one day and realize they were sold something different, so just be honest be who you are.
7: What HR trends are on the horizon for 2020?
There's a merging of workforce where it's not about gig economy or contingent labor or full-time people, it is about really talent period overall.
8: What sets the culture at WilsonHCG apart?
I think the passion people have, not only about working here, but supporting supporting our clients and making a difference.
9: What's your favorite way to decompress?
Going for a walk and listening to a podcast.
(Which podcast?)
There's so many...
10: What does the workplace look like in 5 years?
I think the workplace looks like an airport in five years. People are going to be coming and going, it'll be a much more global nature to how they operate not just to focus on exactly where they sit or live.
11: Favorite day of the week (and why)?
Thursdays are my favorite day of the week. I feel like the most gets done on Thursdays and I think people are happier on Thursdays, since you know the next day is Friday.
12: Digital or paper planner?
Digital, for sure.
13: What's a major shift you've seen in employment branding over the last year?
I think companies are being more cautious or conscientious about what they do outside of their company. What are they supporting, how are they helping being better corporate citizens?
14: LinkedIn or Twitter?
15: System of choice: iOS or Android?
iOS, for sure.
16: What does Total Talent Solutions mean to you?
To me it means the company is looking at their entire workforce, not full-time or contingent or gig or whatever it is, just their total talent — the total workforce.
17: What does employee advancement look like at WilsonHCG?
Yeah I think because of the growth we've experienced really over the last five to seven years, the path someone takes to grow and advance here is not something that's typical. I think when people are doing things they're passionate about they're better at it.
18: How should organizations embrace the gig economy in 2020?
Well if they haven't embraced it already, they're too late.
19: What keeps you up at night?
Everything. I think just making sure we're doing right by our people, our clients, and as you expand and grow, it's harder to have a pulse on that at every single second.
20: What gets you excited to jump out of bed in the morning?
People. Seeing people grow, seeing people do things that they maybe didn't think they could do — that excites me.