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Video: Business transformation and impact

Working with WilsonHCG provides you with visible results that go beyond the talent acquisition function. Helping clients reach company goals by attracting top talent is what we do.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] Business impact and transformation

JOHN: I was at a conference six months ago and the CEO of a Fortune 500 company is talking about how their revenues are up 23% from where they were two years ago and directly related it to the sales hiring and how that has happened. Their sales are better than they've ever been in the history of the company and they started outsourcing their sales hiring to us two and a half years ago. And to see that impact and how that really affects an organization that's what makes me excited to do my job.

LESLEY: We see the impact that we make whether it's the impact to their bottom line to improving their talent acquisition functions streamlining processes they're really bringing value and we see that every single day within each client we have.

CRAIG: Literally just come back from a client meeting now. I've now got a hundred and one things going around in my head about what we can do to improve that organization and I mean improve the organization I don't mean just improve their talent acquisition. Because I think through doing some of the things we would do to improve their talent acquisition it will transform that business.

JOHN: It's an examination of an entire process and then getting them the results that they desire.