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Video: 10 Questions with WilsonHCG's Steven Davis

Steven Davis, head of consulting services at WilsonHCG, talks about the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for businesses across all industries.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] 10 questions with WilsonHCG's Steven Davis
1: What is the most notable change the pandemic has had on the talent space?
I think the disrupter is that employees want to work anywhere. And many of them feel that that's a right. That they can in fact do their their jobs from anywhere.
2: How is the work-from-home model viewed by talent leaders?
If companies don't return to the office, how do we ensure that everyone has an effective and proper workspace at home? Many people don't believe that the "work anywhere" mantra is in fact the great democratization of the workforce, and I really don't feel that it's going to be the equalizer that everybody thinks it's going to be.
3: What's your go-to coffee order?
I am a Dunkin' guy. Large iced coffee, milk, two Sweet'n Low.
4: What is a total talent solution?
The idea that we can develop a workforce through effective planning that allows us to have permanent workers, temporary workers, consultants, gig workers, all working seamlessly together.
5: What gets you excited to start your day every morning?
I love recruiting. I love the thrill of the hunt, and if I can help companies do that better, that's what gets me out of bed.
6: What advice do you have to those looking to advance their career?
It's actually three pieces of advice but I think they're really very well tied together. Be agile, never stop learning, and be fearless. Take chances.
7: Who would be your dream dinner guest?
If I could sit down with one person? Dead, it would be Teddy Roosevelt. Alive, it would be Warren Buffett.
8: What should companies be focusing on to improve their employment brand?
Start using authentic stories of your employees, nobody wants to hear from the C-suite. If you can create that relationship with people and show that you can have a friend at work, I think that's going to go a long way for a company's employment brand.
9: In your opinion, what does the workplace look like in five years?
More flexible work schedules, inside and outside of the office. I think that we're going to start giving people the ability to learn more, more rapidly changing roles and responsibilities, and more people are going to be working in gig assignments.
10: If you weren't in recruitment, what would you career be?
I'd be an architect. I can't do math and I can't draw a straight line, but it's what I would love to do.