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The state of hiring in Japan

Japan’s recruitment landscape has incredible potential for those with local knowledge and a successful talent attraction strategy. This rings especially true from its late 2022 reopening – with resilient year-over-year growth of 0.9% expected for 2023. With this rise, hiring demand will also continue to increase.

Without on-site presence and management tools, however, this market presents unique cultural and economic challenges that can stifle growth. To properly maximize your growth potential in Japan requires a partner with discernment in cultural nuance to both attract and retain talent. Download our guide to learn how to best approach talent acquisition and retention in Japan's unique and ever-changing market.

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The top 5 employee priorities in APAC

Employee priorities have shifted irrevocably. Today’s research indicates a far different need — as purpose and belonging take center stage for employees. This article covers key aspects of tapping into employee priorities in APAC and ways companies can remain competitive in the market.

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