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Employee Engagement | 3 minute read

What the Most Innovative Companies Know about Hiring Top Talent

March 27, 2017

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace employers are seeking out new ways to develop and manage their human capital, from refining people management practices, developing a more targeted employee value proposition to changing recruitment marketing campaigns. Hiring and retaining top talent are of the utmost importance. The most innovative companies are at the forefront of these top concerns, successfully driving change, creativity and future-forward practices to many different aspects of the workplace. Let’s take a look at what innovative companies know about hiring top talent. 

Employee Value Proposition

Innovative companies know to hire smart. Creating a robust and focused employer branding strategy that appeals to those most likely to be successful and in line with the expectations and values of the company is key. In light of this, Gallup suggests that “leaders then need to craft an EVP that accurately reflects their company's unique culture and how it sets itself apart from the competition”. Those companies that have the best EVP follow essential practices such as studying and understanding their best performers, ensuring that the applicant attraction message accurately reflects the work environment and knowing how to highlight the company’s unique qualities to stand out from the competition. It is also critical to bring current employees into the EVP process and get their direct feedback regarding your company culture.

Organizational Culture

The most innovative companies understand the value of creating and maintaining an organizational culture where the best employees want to work and in which people are uniquely valued and treated with respect and consideration at all times. They are not just treated as overhead, they are the faces and voices of the company.

Innovative organizations also focus on the complete-employee by combining training, mentoring and flexibility into individual employee goals. Every person's unique skill-sets are valued and encouraged to find creative ways to use and grow their talents. Complete-employees engage more throughout all levels of the organization which continuously drives growth, advancement and creativity. When people love their work and love working with each other, remarkable things happen. 

Lastly, innovative companies know that top talent will do lots of research to understand the brand, values, working atmosphere and overall organizational culture. Therefore take care of your employees, they are the faces and voices of your company. They are sharing their authentic stories with customers and potential candidates.

Recruiting Tools AND Technology

Smart companies will know that they are as good as their best workers and prioritize seeking out the best fit for their organization. Thus, innovative companies proactively seek the latest and greatest new ways to find and engage the right talent. Their recruitment teams do not limit themselves to traditional search tools. They actively search for top talent leveraging new tools designed for social recruiting, recruitment marketing and virtual interviews.

In addition, leveraging new cloud-based tools that provide high-quality talent analytics leading to a better more streamlined hiring process, allowing the recruiters to have better visibility of their top candidates creating a simpler, quicker and more positive candidate experience.

Understanding your employees

The most innovative companies may be unique in their work, policies, procedures and overall culture. However, what they all have in common is their understanding that their employees come first because to attract the best, they need to provide the best. Whether it’s a tech giant that promotes independence and autonomy, allowing their staff to choose their work schedules or a financial firm that provides in-depth training and rotational leadership, they understand the importance of investing in their employees. 


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