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Employee Engagement | 4 minute read

4 Tips For Hitting A Home Run With Your Organizational Culture

May 5, 2016

What do you think of when you think about work? I always feel fortunate, because I work for a game-changing company — one that really understands what employees want, and creates an environment that’s dynamic and nurturing. We spend a large part of our week at our jobs, so it’s important to pay attention to the work portion of the work-life balance. This is not just good for employees; employers also benefit from listening to workers’ needs. After all, employee success is company success.

I know my experience isn’t everyone’s experience. Some companies suffer from high turnover, disengaged employees and a poor organizational culture that can repel potential job candidates. That’s why I’m here to share four tips to help you create a more productive and enjoyable working environment. These ideas won’t transform your corporate culture overnight, but they’ll definitely get the ball rolling in the right direction.

As you move forward with these tips, it helps to picture yourself as a player on a team. You can only go so far by yourself. You really need the entire team — your fellow coworkers — to join the effort as well.

Here are some tips to elevate your organizational culture and boost employee engagement.

Positive (fun!) engagement

Positive engagement is the name of the game. At WilsonHCG, we make a strident effort to ensure everyone’s ideas are heard. We thank each other in person and through an online rewards system. We also support groups and committees that allow us to get to know each other while working toward common goals and interests.

We’re a global organization — with some employees working virtually — which makes the concept of employee engagement incredibly important. Our groups and committees help employees feel connected with each other. We know that you don’t need a break room to socialize with your coworkers! We are humans and it’s natural to be drawn to those with similar interests. If we don’t feel engaged, we withdraw.

Take a look at the employee engagement initiatives at your organization. Think of five ways to improve them. And then put those ideas into action.


Your employment brand is like a team logo or motto. It’s how everyone else identifies you. It’s the employee voice, inside and outside the company. A strong employer brand encapsulates the organizational culture, bridging the gap of employer focus and employee long-term commitment.

A strong, positive employment brand is essential to attract and recruit promising and talented new employees. After all, current employees talk and prospective employees listen. What your employees, clients, candidates and others are saying about your brand is an accurate reflection of your culture. It doesn’t matter how much marketing is behind the message — if your employees aren’t your greatest advocates, your brand will fall flat.


Be the coach who gets it: Change yourself to impact the team’s needs. Many companies are seeing an increase in employee engagement, and subsequently productivity, by raising the bar in the area of company culture. Retention is key to long-term growth and sustainability. There are many factors that can impact your candidate attraction and retention rates, but when it comes down to it, your culture is at the top of the list. Set the trend that focuses on being the best for your employees — and your employees being the best for the company. One way to address this issue is to implement a company mentorship program. Long-term growth and ongoing learning opportunities are often more important to candidates and employees than salary. By having a mentorship program, you are encouraging employees to grow internally and establish lasting careers within your organization.

Work-life Balance

Going for the victory lap takes balance, and in the world of competing companies, work-life balance is a huge attraction factor. More and more employees are seeking a lifestyle that allows them a flexible work schedule. Saying you have work-life balance is one thing, but showing you truly enforce it allows your employees to feel valued and respected. It’s like halftime at a game: Take a stretch, get a refreshment, have a few laughs and come back ready to cheer on your team.

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