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Case Study

WilsonHCG Transforms Media Company

WilsonHCG Transforms Media Company’s End-to-end Recruitment, Rewrites Employment Brand

A leading US-based media and marketing solutions provider with nearly 60 million monthly consumers, turned to WilsonHCG for end-to-end talent solutions partnership. Following WilsonHCG’s initial consultation, market analysis and a deep dive into the talent acquisition function, the two organizations determined that a complete transformation was needed to modernize the company’s employer branding efforts.

This case study explores how WilsonHCG provided:

  • Newfound clarity, precision with talent strategy and organization design
  • Brand-new talent acquisition/employment branding mission statement
  • 30 percent reduction in turnover within first 10 months
  • 32,000+ candidates engaged; robust talent communities and pipeline
  • Optimal hiring manager buy-in and satisfaction
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