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Company Culture | 2 minute read

Ky Shaw, 2019 Man of Wilson

December 17, 2019

What is Men of Wilson?

Every year at WilsonHCG, we run an initiative to recognize and thank the men who are innovating, leading by example, and otherwise helping to make WilsonHCG the company it is today. Employees vote for the men they think should be honored and we've been speaking to this year's winners to find out more about them...

blog-author_KyShawKy Shaw, Marketing strategist - North America


How long have you been with WilsonHCG? 

Two years in February.


Share with us a little about your personal career path prior to WilsonHCG? 

Prior to WilsonHCG, I took a sales internship with a medical device company based in Clearwater, FL. The training program helped to sharpen my communication skills. After that, I took an internship with a private wealth management company also in Clearwater. The skills I picked up along the way have set me up for growth at WilsonHCG.


If you could be any SuperHero, who would it by and why?  

I’d have to say Batman. No superpowers, just effort.


What would we hear if we hooked up your ‘Recently Played’ list to the office speaker? 

Fleetwood Mac radio, A ‘Deep focus’ playlist, Karma Chameleon.


What is a famous quote said by someone you admire? 

“If you don’t look on yourself and think, ‘Wow how stupid I was a year ago,’ then you must not have learned much in the last year.” Ray Dalio


Who had the most influence on you growing up?  

Anyone who's known me for any time knows this one, my grandparents. I, without a doubt, would not be where I am without their guidance and compassion. I don't say it enough, thank you.


What advice would you give someone looking to advance into a leadership role one day?

I'll take inspiration from Principles by Ray Dalio here (which everyone should read). Be very comfortable with being wrong. When given more responsibility, it's to easy to feel the need to be right or find a silver bullet.

But you'll go farther and faster surrounding yourself with smart people who disagree with you and listening carefully. 


About WilsonHCG

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