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Video: 10 Questions with WilsonHCG's Alicia O'Brien

Alicia O'Brien, Innovation team leader at WilsonHCG, shares her thoughts on using technology to boost connectivity.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] 10 questions with WilsonHCG's Alicia O'Brien
1: What's your advice for leading a virtual team?
I would say that engagement is number one. Figuring out what each of your team members' preferred methods of communication are, and meeting them where they are.
2: What's your favorite dinner?
I love sushi, so give me sushi. Anywhere.
3: Can technology help close the hiring gap?
The biggest thing I've seen recently is the use of "super CRMs" that essentially are leveraging AI to identify attributes that are on a resume and those can be aligned with a job description. That type of matching can help speed up the top of the funnel outreach to communicate with candidates that might fit a job profile, or be open to hearing about a new job opportunity.
4: How do you decompress?
I will wind down by reading or meditating after work, but the best thing for me to do in the morning is to get a good start with my day and get a good workout in before the day starts.
5: How have client support requests changed recently?
Clients come to us with a lot of symptoms of their challenges, and we're able to best partner together by getting to the root cause of the challenge and building a solution from there. Post-pandemic, there's been a lot of interest in sourcing and then also establishing a stronger employment brand.
6: What gets you out of bed in the morning?
The people that I work with, one hundred percent. We have really great colleagues here at WilsonHCG, and we love making those connections as well with our stakeholders and our clients, and also our tech partners too.
7: How can TA tech streamline workflows?
First, aim to reduce the redundancies in everyday tasks that our employees are doing, which will allow them more white space to focus in on the things they really love about their jobs.
8: If you weren't in recruitment, what would be your dream job?
I always wanted to be a performer, doing something on stage is something that's brought me joy throughout my life, whether it's acting, singing, or dancing. Something along those lines.
9: How has the pandemic inspired change in the talent space?
We have now learned that organizations can be agile if they're put in a position to do so, and we can help change adverse organizations really pick up the pace on making change within their business, where they might not have thought they could before. And if they're well-equipped, we can help them to integrate tech as part of their current recruitment strategies to yield stronger outcomes.
10: What's your go-to Starbucks order?
Grande americano with steamed soymilk.