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WilsonHCG awarded bronze medal from EcoVadis for its sustainability efforts

August 15, 2023

WilsonHCG has achieved a bronze EcoVadis medal for its efforts in sustainability. The global talent solutions provider was ranked in the top 24% of companies in its industry. But, what is an EcoVadis medal, and why is it so important? We spoke to Marisol Hughes, EVP and general counsel at WilsonHCG, to find out. 

What is EcoVadis? 

EcoVadis is a trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. Organizations that complete the EcoVadis assessment process and show a strong management system that addresses sustainability criteria, as outlined in its methodology, are eligible for a medal. 

What does the EcoVadis assessment entail? 

The assessment evaluates 21 sustainability criteria across four core themes: environment, ethics, labor and human rights, and sustainable procurement. There are hundreds of questions in the assessment, separated into several subsections. Organizations must provide evidence against each of the indicators set out by EcoVadis. 

Read more in-depth about these criteria below:

What recognition did WilsonHCG earn? 

WilsonHCG earned a bronze medal and was ranked in the top 24% of companies in our industry. Our highest-performing sustainability assessment themes were environment and sustainable procurement.

Read more about the recognition in our press release

What does WilsonHCG do to minimize its impact on the environment? 

We're committed to sustainable practices and have been since we were founded in 2002. We’re proud of the ethical and sustainable processes that we’ve embedded in our day-to-day operations that leave a smaller footprint on the earth. From setting sustainability goals to leasing office spaces that meet strict energy efficiency criteria, we want to preserve the environment while helping our clients and vendors do the same. Since a lot of our employees work from home, we’ve launched a program to measure energy usage, host educational sessions on how to reduce waste and consumption, and fund home office reimbursement to assist with the purchase of more energy efficient equipment. 

What’s WilsonHCG’s stance on corporate social responsibility (CSR)? 

CSR has become a buzzword in the past few years, but it’s meaning is significant and should be prioritized in a genuine way. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to CSR. A company’s CSR philosophies and supporting initiatives must be customized based on that company’s culture. At WilsonHCG, it’s fairly simple – we strive to actively and meaningfully contribute to the communities that nurture and support us and our people. We constantly ask our employees for their opinions and put a strong emphasis on giving back in every aspect of our operations. We support more than 60 charities and organizations globally by donating our time and money. We offer employees volunteer days to support the charities they care most about and host Kudos donation opportunities for our employees to add their Kudos points to our monetary donations. A thoughtful CSR strategy is beneficial to employees, organizations and communities.  

WilsonHCG strives to be an asset to the community and society at large by supporting social, cultural, intellectual, environmental and economic initiatives, while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families.

Why did WilsonHCG decide to get accredited with EcoVadis? 

This accreditation reinforces our ongoing commitment to sustainability and CSR and offers a clear roadmap for how we can continue to increase our impact over time. It’s one thing to measure it for ourselves, but having the accreditation compares us to thousands of other companies and gives us more concrete goals to strive for.  

Where can I get more information about EcoVadis? 

You can visit the EcoVadis website to learn more about its business sustainability ratings. 

Learn more about our bronze medal rating
Read the press release:
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