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Video: evolution of employment branding

Learn how to stay competitive – no matter the size of your company – in our video on the evolution of employment branding.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] Modernize to move forward
Employment Branding 2022
As we all know, the job market has changed significantly over the last few years, and that's led to a permanent
shift in employment branding.
It's no longer about who has the biggest budget or the furthest reach — it's about how you empower your people.
In the most competitive hiring market to date, everyone is now competing for the same talent.
To move forward, companies must modernize their employment brand.
Authenticity is key, and that means customizing how you talk to potential employees versus existing customers.
Support your employees' personal growth and encourage them to share their own stories with others.
Humanize the candidate experience and leverage technology to accelerate the hiring process.
Be present where your talent spends their time, and that's not just on LinkedIn anymore.
Employees want flexibility and autonomy so now is the time to reconsider your employee value proposition.
Learn how to stay competitive no matter the size of your organization with our 2022 employment branding report.