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Video: Employment Brand Report

CEO John Wilson and COO Kim Pope talk about WilsonHCG's Employment Brand Report. Every year WilsonHCG compiles insights regarding employment branding information from some of the world's most admired companies.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] Employment Brand Report 
JOHN: Four or five years ago, sitting around and trying to think about how we could really evaluate organizations to be not just more transparent to our clients and the candidates that are wanting to work there, but really understand, who is the gold standard and who is doing all these best practices? So other companies can emulate them and candidates have a better idea of who are those those top brands.
KIM: Yeah, and the methodologies are really built around the candidate journey. So today, you know, with technology, candidates are spending time in 20-plus different areas from career sites to social media to reviews and things like that, so all of those components make up how you're really able to market your employment brand and that's what the methodology is based off of. It's what is that journey candidate experience, what does it look like, what organizations are doing well? And then sharing that consulting with our clients and also in the market on how they can improve their brands, and then each year, use that as a measuring mechanism.