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Video: The culture of WilsonHCG

When it comes to building a dream team, WilsonHCG knows what it takes. TALENT.™ It's not just a solution, it's who we are

Video transcript

Better people, better business®

JOHN: What is Wilson? An organization that provides talent solutions to some of the world's most admired brands.
MARISOL: An inclusive, collaborative welcoming environment that people want to work in.
CRAIG: You know collaboration, openness, transparency, I think they all feed into that inclusive culture. 
MARISOL: It's definitely all those things. 
JOHN: We don't have a product and we don't have a warehouse full of stuff. Our people are everything for us.
KIM: The impact that we really have on organizations goes past recruiting. Our solutions and teams really customize and configure into where the organizations need us to help them drive change. 
CRAIG: We're all aligned before we get to a stage where we've got to move this forward.
KEN: They're looking at us to be the expert.
KIM: We really are a true consulting firm that sits and listens to what a client needs and develops it for them.
JOHN: That pretty much sums it up, that was pretty good.
JOHN: Wilson does not work without our people.