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Top five recruiter New Year's resolutions

December 29, 2015

'Tis the season for giving thanks, holiday cheer, reviewing the year past and creating New Year’s resolutions for the year to come. While many will set personal goals to achieve, as talent acquisition professionals, we asked ourselves what our recruiting New Year’s resolutions will be. Of those resolutions, here are our top five and why they are worthy goals for any recruiter in the coming year.

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"My resolution is to gain a deeper understanding of the industry I recruit for."

A common way in which many recruiters can grow is through continuing their education about the industry they recruit for. Knowledge is power when it comes to evaluating candidates for their business acumen, as well as when making a connection with a client’s overall business strategy.

“The industry I'm in is very unique and niche. I've taken plenty of trainings on it, and I feel competent, but I'd like to be more at ease and be able to really show my niche knowledge to my hiring managers.”

"I would like to learn more about different communication styles."

A simple phrase can mean one thing to the speaker and something entirely different to the listener. That’s why recruiters, as professional communicators, need to be able to recognize and adapt to different communication styles. A good place to start is finding out what your natural communication style is and how it affects others.

“I want to be more aware of different communication styles between myself, hiring managers and HR support staff so that I can be proactive in getting my message across and understanding what messages I am receiving.”

"I plan to integrate video interviewing more into my normal routine."

Video interviewing is a great way to touch on some candidate intangibles (like body language) that are just impossible to read over the phone. This is why applications such as Montage are becoming increasingly popular recruiting tools. Are you using them to their full potential?

“Video interviewing really is a big help and gives me a better idea about the candidate's communication skills.”

"I want to add some new tools to my recruiting tool belt."

The right tools make all the difference when it comes to productivity. Anything administrative in nature that can be automated frees up time for quality strategizing and consulting as a recruiter. You might check out the latest top HR technology tools or take your existing tools mobile in the new year.

“I'm always interested in new sourcing tools and would love to find some new tools that really change the way I do things. Work smarter, not harder!”

"I’m always craving the latest and greatest creative sourcing strategy."

Recruiters can’t afford to think of sourcing in terms of just tools and technologies. While those are important to the process, so is a comprehensive strategy. This includes extensive networking and finding new ways to share the candidate story.

“Creative sourcing strategy adds so much value and quickly evolves as new methods are always being put out in the market.”

So, as you count down to the new year, leave behind any counterproductive habits and commit to growth as talent acquisition professionals. While these are our top resolutions, there are plenty of worthy goals to be made. Find what will make the greatest impact for you and make it the year’s No. 1 professional priority.


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