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Video: Employment brand

The WilsonHCG leadership team talks about the impact of employment branding for businesses of all sizes and industry types.

Video transcript

KIM: Actually the two main kind of trends that you see and the ones that do it really well leverage their employees and really showcase their stories, and they tell them in a very authentic, very open, and very transparent way, and then they personalize the experience and tailor it towards the individual and the roles and the functions.
CRAIG: I think other thing as well is that they don't rely on somebody being the employer brand, it's everybody that is part of the employer brand. So you can't just rely on it being a very small team that sat in some TA function and they do everything. or have it just a marketing team that's trying to drive it, it's got to be hiring managers. It's got to be individuals in the workforce. It's got to be earned and led by somebody but really the true value comes when it's everybody who's engaged in communicating in it.