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Video: WilsonHCG culture fosters success

At WilsonHCG, positive internal culture is a top priority. CEO John Wilson and COO Kim Pope share the importance of driving positive internal culture within the company.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] WilsonHCG culture fosters success
JOHN: It's that focus on absolutely doing your best.

KIM: And having fun, like that's the other thing is having fun doing it. And I do think culturally we have that here, and a lot of people are like that's just the type of people that we hire. They have fun, you have fun with who you work with, and your clients. We work with clients that we know we can build that partnership and have fun with and do cool things.

JOHN: It's such a key point just the relationships with the clients where they become your friends and you have a relationship that transcends just a financial transaction because you have a contract.

KIM: Yeah.

JOHN: You actually care about their success as much as you care about your own.