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University Recruiting: Go Where the Scouts Go!

November 21, 2012

Each year hundreds of college players enter the draft for professional sports teams in order to compete for their dream job: becoming a pro-athlete. And, every year coaches and scouts recruit the top athletes that fulfill their wish list to be the dominant team in the league by searching for their target players with the right skills and attitude.

Recruiting for your next “top performer” is not much different than the process that scouts use every April during the grueling draft trial. The conversations that we have with our clients when determining what they are looking for in candidates are very similar to the discussions that talent scouts, coaches, and team managers have in an effort to strategize exactly where to find talent for their upcoming season. Just as a sports team’s needs change each season, your needs as a business are also ever-changing.

When trying to be competitive in a marketplace, it is important to “scout” out the right talent. Some important elements in question are where to pursue talent, the desired attributes of candidates, and what certifications, industry experience, and/or specific knowledge the ideal candidate would ultimately possess.

I have had the pleasure in speaking to the career services departments of many universities across multiple countries to discuss networking opportunities, recruiting events, and to learn more about their program offerings. These students have been groomed for the opportunity to be your next Tom Brady and it is essential for your business to be competitive in their efforts to attain the top talent! There are many corporations fighting to get these top students and it is crucial to connect with them early in their careers to separate yourself from competitors. Developing and maintaining a campus presence, attending networking events, and mentoring students can be a game-changer come “draft time.” A business’s effort in securing students and alumni that align with their core values and needs can separate the Super Bowl champions from the rest of the pack.

When looking for new talent to add to your team, go where the scouts go… to the universities! Remember -- the most successful teams put in the time and effort selecting the right players. In the long run, you will be glad you spent the extra time in securing the best fit for your team; you never know who might be your next MVP!

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