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Video: Supporting our veterans

Military veteran and CFO at WilsonHCG, Ken Bowles, talks about implementing veteran support throughout the hiring process in today's talent market.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] Supporting our Veterans
KEN: When you look at Veterans, some of them get lost in the shuffle. Because a lot of them learn a skill, a very specific skill, when they're in the military that might not directly correlate to something in the everyday world for all the rest of us. And so trying to help them kind of make that shift and make that transition is pretty important to us because a lot of us have either are veterans or have family that were veterans or family that served in the military. We've created a list of military words and military terms and how you either translate them into a resume but also how you translate them when you're having the discussion during interviews for people as well. When we present that to our clients they're like, "That's fantastic, we want to hire veterans, this is a program that can help us kind of bring that into our DNA."