2020 Fortune 500 Employment Branding Report

A comprehensive evaluation of the world's top employment brands.

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Elements that make a successful employment brand



Company-wide collaboration is necessary.


Big data

Data is vital, but figuring out the story is even better.


Seamless experience

A consistent experience during the hiring process helps improve retention.

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2020 Fortune 500 Employment Branding Report overview

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Happy people, better workplace.

Here is what our thought leaders have to say about how the top brands are engaging the best candidates.


John Wilson, CEO

"People don’t just want jobs anymore; they want to be able to make a difference with meaningful careers."


Craig Sweeney, SVP, Global Strategic Talent Solutions 

"Everybody has a part to play when it comes to employer brand. You can't just rely on a small team in the talent acquisition function to do everything, everyone has to get involved and do their bit."


Kim Pope, Chief Operating Officer

"Organizations that do employment brand really well leverage their employees and really showcase their stories in an authentic, open and transparent manner."

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